Landshifts is a 1h40min audio-walk starting here. You need a fully charged smart-phone and headphones.  

Walk without a bicycle. You can return with bus 2A from Refshaleøen to Børsen, which is a short walk away from Kongens Nytorv. Alternatively, you can take the Harbour Bus 991 from Refshaleøen to Nyhavn, leaving every 30 minutes.   

The audio is divided up into 11 tracks. You will be instructed where to walk and when to play the next track. There is a physical map accompanying the audio-walk, which you can find at the info desk in the entrance to Kunsthal Charlottenborg.

You can also access a digital version of the map here.

When you are at the starting point, with map in hand, play Track 01: Kongens Nytorv Metro Station.


In 2022, Copenhagen started its next expansion project into Øresund: Lynetteholm. Its projected completion date is in 2070. By then 80 million tonnes of earth will have been pushed into the water to form a peninsula as large as the inner city.Lynetteholm’s primary function is to keep climate change out of Copenhagen; to stop any storm surges from flooding the inner city. Politicians also plan for it to serve as building plots for more land speculation, a metro and an underground highway. It’s both a barrier against climate change and a material denial of it.

This conflict is framed around an idea of Lynetteholm, but Lynetteholm is already rooted in physical spaces in our city: it already exists as a displaced landscape of earth being moved from Nordhavn to Lynetten.We can also sense its scale through space: the audio-walk is about the same distance as the outer coastline of Lynetteholm. It also passes through a 500-year history of landfill in Copenhagen. The land we take for granted as fixed was once moving earth. Our physical spaces, our architecture, our minds and bodies, have the power to remember these other realities and hence, remember that another possible is possible.



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team: Ariana Zilliacus, Anna Wittenkamp Rich, Ida Oldmark Østman
idea and script: Ariana Zilliacus
sound design: Ariana Zilliacus
graphic design: Anna Wittenkamp Rich
voice/actor: Ida Oldmark Østman

as a part of copenhagen architecture festival